National Scenic Areas In Taiwan


Named after the goddess" Matsu", Matsu Archipelago is located northwestward by west in Taiwan Strait, which is the very water Matsu had saved many sailors' lives. Matsu is subordinate to Lienchian County

of Fuchien Province,facing the river mouths of Minchiang (Min River), Lienchiang (Lien River), and Luoyuan Bay. Four villages and five islands, including Nangang (Southern Rod), Beigang (Northen Rod), Juguang, Dungyin, are the components of Matsu, which is the north-most front of Taiwan-Penghu-Kinmen-Matsu free zone, scarcely holding a stream away from Mainland China.

Besides, numerous scenes---natural, cultural, or of fortifications---are found on these islands. For example, Iron Blockhouse in Nangang Shiang, Beihai (North Sea) Tunnel, Tienhou Temple in Matsu, Yuntai Mountain, the aboriginal tribe at Qinbi of Nangang, Banli and the golden beach at Tangqi, Dongchuan (Dongju) Light House in Juguang Shiang, Stone Carvings of Dapu around Huaigu Temple, Dungyung (Dungyin) Light House in Dongyin Shiang, Lienuyikang (the Justice Hole of a female martyr), Yixiantian, Yianxiuchaoyin (the sound of tides) and so on. Moreover, rare plants like red spider lily, bean pear, charming coast lines, migratory birds in transit, and all those customs, language, livelihood, architecture transplanted from north Fuchien, had reinforced the unique while fascinating atmosphere of Matsu, where is definitely worth a visit.


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