National Scenic Areas In Taiwan


The Siraya National Scenic Area is a major farm produce area. A large variety of fruits and other products grow year-round, making the Siraya National Scenic Area true to its name of "A Land of Abundance".

In recent years, under governmental direction, the agricultural products of all counties and towns have been integrated, promoting local special products in each area, "one specialty for each village or town". Each of the 15 townships and villages in Siraya has its own special product, allowing them to promote significant tourism resources for the area. This "Touring Siraya" website introduces the five major recreation systems in the area: the Guanzihling Recreational System, the Zengwen Recreational System, the Wushantou Recreational System, the Zoujhen Recreational System and the Hutoupi Recreational System, each with their own tourist information and cultural specialties. The Siraya National Scenic Area's special tourism features are provided, along with information on accommodation, transportation, maps, etc.


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